Hardcoat Inc. Purchase Order Requirements

Hardcoat Incorporated’s goal to provide quick and complete plating services to our customers.  We ask, that whenever possible, to provide the following information on your Purchase Order.  Those items noted in BOLD LETTERING are mandatory, all other items listed would be greatly appreciated. By providing this information up front, it eliminates phone calls for clarification, reduces delays in processing your order, helps ensure accuracy, and in the end provides you with correctly plated parts. If you ever have any questions, feel free to contact us at 952-935-5715, ask for Brent Anderson or Jeff Withers.

  1. Issue Date
  2. Due Date
  3. Customer Name
  4. Part Number
  5. Alloy/Material
  6. Process requested i.e. (Mil Spec, AMS Spec, etc.)
  7. If precise thickness checks are requested during plating, please provide go/no-go gauges/pins they will be returned with your parts
  8. Color matching request must come with a color sample
  9. Special sealing instructions
  10. Print (Required when masking is called out and is the most current Rev.)
  11. Quantity
  12. Thickness (If outside of Mil or AMS specs)
  13. Masking Requirements noted on P.O. (Mask per Print and print is attached)
  14. Racking Instructions/Location must be noted on P.O. and Print (If no racking instructions are provided processing of the order will be delayed until the information is received. Best practice will be employed to avoid air-pocketing and racking mark locations)
  15. Special packaging Instructions
  16. Return shipping method and address


~Thank you for your assistance and business!